History of the British Open Golf Tournament

British Open Golf Tournament is also popularly recalled as Open or Open Championship. It is also a part of the prestigious tournaments of Golf around the world. British Open Golf Tournament proudly stands in between U.S Open, Masters Tournament and PGA Championship. Due to rich history of the tournament, the title is regarded quite highly by the experts and professional players. The tournament is organized annually on several courses around England and Scotland. Northern Ireland has got the privilege for single time only.

The Beginning

The very first Open Championship has been organized 17th October, 1860 at Prestwick, Scotland. During this time, the championship has been concluded within a single day. Eight players have taken part in this inaugural tournament. Prestwick Golf Club is consisted of 12 holes. As the prize, a Challenge Belt has been offered to the winner. Willie Park Sr. has been honored as the winner of the first Open Championship.

Some prize money has been added to championship from the year 1863. However, it has been merely about £ 10. The money has been shared between the players who have acquired 2nd, 3rd and 4th position. Cash prize for the first place holder has been announced from the 1864.

Tournament has been won by Tom Morris Jr. three times in a row for the first time in 1870. There has been a gap of two years when the tournament has not been held. Lack of prize money can be held responsible for this decision.

From the year 1872, winner has been offered the Golf Championship trophy or Claret Jung. Intensity of the game has been increased with 72 holes and four rounds in 1892.

20th Century

The championship has been won by the professionals mostly. However, there are about six amateurs in the history of British Open Golf Tournament. These amateurs have acquired the title prior to 1930s. Popularity of the game increases further with the dawn of mid-20th Century.

Significant champions of the tournaments are Sir Henry Cotton who has won the trophy for three times in 1934, 37 and 48. Bobby Locke from South Africa is also a renowned golfer in the history of Open Golf Championship. It is important to remember names like Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer. Watson has won the last championship in 1983.

In most occasions, Americans have taken upper hand over the other golfers. In a span of 14 years, they have won for about 12 times. Apart from the Americans, Jung has been claimed by Greg Norman from Australia, Seve Ballesteros from Spain and Nick Faldo from England.

Open Championship has been included within the PGA schedule from 1995. John Daly from America has won by defeating Constantino Rocca from Italy. Following to this year, supremacy of America has been seen once again. In the subsequent 13 years, title has been claimed by Americans 10 times. Tiger Woods has also won this championship for three times between 2000 and 2006. The command of British Open Golf Tournament has been retained by American still as Zach Johnson has gain the title in 2015.

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