How Can You Order Japanese Fake Food?

From a reliable and reputed source, it is possible to order to non-edible but realistic and high quality display fake food. Life size replica food can be utilized for the decoration of the house, restaurant and café. In addition, display fake foods have been now used in the stage and film sets as well.

Through Japanese Fake Food, advertising products can be presented more attractively. There is no chance of a spill or damage in this way. For this reason, it has been used as a center piece in several occasions. It can help you to decorate model homes as well. Through artificial food, it is possible to offer deserts, pastry, pizzas, steak and drinks naturally. Both the business and personal requirement of fake food props can be supplied according to demand. Most of the prop director in business is contacting the manufacturers and sellers of these fake food props in order to get perfect backdrop for kitchen or table top. Photographers are also using these props for shoots. Through a detailed research, reputed manufacturers can be found from the market quite easily.

For Wholesale Orders

Prop directors, resellers, restaurateurs, importers and distributors purchase fake food props through wholesale order. Most of the Japanese fake food makers are delivering products to foreign shores now. Stage productions can be handled perfectly with the assistance from these props.

The display food can be shipped to your doorsteps in due course. It can be presented as a gift to other person as well. In order remember a special meal with loved ones, display foods can be purchased.

For Customized Orders

Boundaries of fake display food can be extended with the customized orders. By offering adequate details of an item, display fake food can be created. In addition to food, props can be obtained in the form of key chains, mobile cases, USB flash drive, magnets and ear pricks as well. Therefore, you must not worry at all and order according to your wishes and desires.

For customized artificial plastic display food, it is better to offer a picture of the item in addition to its description. Dimension of the items can be mentioned along with the order to avoid problems in future. Quantity of the order must be informed in the beginning of the manufacturing process.

In case of a customized order, cost estimation is provided in the beginning. To start the production, it is necessary to pay minimum 50% of the complete order. It must be done within five days. For the manufacturing process, a month or two can be taken according to the nature of the fake food props. After completion of the manufacturing process, remaining payment and shipment cost must be offered. Delivery of the product is done within six days from the payment. Time period of delivery usually depends on the location.

Fake artificial display food is the highest level of craftsmanship. Therefore, artist must be given adequate amount of time for the delivery of product. Due to incredible look of the fake display food, it can be used to great effect.